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Mercedes Sprinter OBD Lock

Mercedes Sprinter OBD Lock

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Mercedes Sprinter OBD Lock to keep your vehicle safe from Key Cloning Theft.
Simple and effective at an affordable price.
Fits all 2006 Models to present.
Perfect for DIY fitment.
Was £149.99

Mercedes Sprinter OBD Lock. This simple and very effective OBD lock can be fitted in minutes to your Mercedes Sprinter and prevent it's theft by key cloning. 

Unfortunately modern day thieves have found a chink in the armour of the Mercedes Sprinter standard security. They simply start by picking the Mercedes Sprinter locks with devices readily available from the internet for just a few pounds. This then gives them access to the Mercedes Sprinter OBD port where if there is not a OBD Lock fitted allows them to plug in their key cloning computers and programme a new key. Once coded this key will then llow them to start your Mercedes Sprinter and drive it away complete with its contents. This simple OBD Lock could easily prevent this from happening to you.

This Mercedes Sprinter OBD Lock can easily be installed with limited DIY knowledge.

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