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Range Rover & Car Theft

28th March 2024

Range Rovers have been widely reported as among the most commonly stolen vehicles in the country. This unfortunate reputation has caused insurance rates to soar and even led to some insurance companies refusing coverage, labelling the luxury SUV brand ‘uninsurable.’ 

Thieves tend to use keyless relay devices to fool cars into thinking their actual keys are nearby. High-end vehicles often have keyless entry systems, and without proper security measures, thieves can break into the car without even touching it. 

The chatter surrounding Range Rover’s alleged susceptibility to theft has caused insurance rates to skyrocket. Motor insurance premiums have increased by a staggering 25% in 2023 alone and are set to rise by 11% by the end of 2024. 

Despite the uproar, Jaguar Land Rover has disputed many of the claims circulating in the media, denying that their cars are the most commonly stolen in the UK. CEO Adrian Mardell dismissed the notion that Range Rovers are being stolen left, right, and centre, instead insisting thefts have decreased significantly since 2022. While they acknowledge vehicle crime is a serious issue in this country, they emphasised that it affects all manufacturers, not just Jaguar Land Rover. 

The company argued that the ‘insurance industry is clearly not using the data’ and ‘are very slow to respond’ to new statistics or acknowledge the robust security measures and anti-theft technology that Jaguar Land Rover has implemented in recent years. 

In fact, Jaguar Land Rover has invested £10 million in new security upgrades, which they offer free of charge to car owners at garages. They’ve even ventured into providing their own insurance in response to the rising insurance crisis, offering lower premiums than existing insurance brokers. But it seems like getting this insurance is easier said than done, and only a lucky few have actually managed to get a policy.

Getting affordable car insurance these days is tough, with prices hitting an all-time high. London takes the crown as the most expensive place in the UK to insure your car, with an average premium of nearly £855, compared to the £512 average in Devon and Cornwall.

How to secure the most affordable car insurance for Range Rovers

But it’s not all doom and gloom. There are steps you can take to increase your chances of getting approved for insurance on your Range Rover and to secure the most affordable premiums available.

Although there might not be a quick fix to the insurance challenges surrounding Range Rover, proactive measures can be taken to maximise your vehicle’s security and minimise your insurance costs. 

  1. Move your car off a busy road and onto your driveway or into a locked garage to lower the risk of damage or theft.

  2. Store the fob away from the vehicle in a Faraday wallet to prevent relay attacks.

  3. Consider investing in anti-theft protection such as a wheel lock or wheel clamp.

  4. Ensure your vehicle is locked and park near a street lamp or CCTV camera to enhance security.

  5. Invest in a reliable security system for added protection.

This last point is worth emphasising - installing a security system like a vehicle tracker or vehicle immobiliser provides the best defence for your Range Rover and can potentially lower your insurance premiums. Insurers are more inclined to provide coverage and offer reduced premiums if your security is on point. 

At Safe & Sound, we understand the importance of keeping your Range Rover safe. We offer a host of vehicle trackers and immobilisers, including the Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser 2, the industry’s first untraceable immobiliser suitable for Audi, BMW, Land Rover, and more. 

We chatted with Mark, Safe & Sound’s resident expert, to get his take on Range Rover thefts. 

Q: Is it fear-mongering, or are Range Rovers genuinely more at risk of theft? 

A: All vehicles are prone to keyless theft, and Jaguar Land Rover is no exception. Sadly, the tools thieves require to steal these vehicles are readily available on the internet for as little as a few hundred pounds. The vehicle’s popularity and high price point make them the target vehicle for a thief looking for a good payday. 


Q: What steps do you recommend for people trying to maximise vehicle safety and minimise insurance premiums? 

A: Layer your security. It starts with simple things such as parking in a well-lit area, ensuring the vehicle is locked when you leave it and placing the keys in a Faraday pouch, which can be bought for less than £10. 

You can then move on to the more proactive electronic forms of security, such as an immobiliser, to help prevent theft in the first instance. Layering it with a high-end S5 tracking system further enhances protection and gives greater peace of mind. 

And, let’s not overlook a good visual deterrent, such as a well-made steering lock - a clear sign to any would-be thief that you take your vehicle’s security seriously. 

Taking these precautions helps prevent the need to claim on your insurance and can help keep your insurance low for years to come. Each of these devices can also be removed and refitted to newer vehicles as and when you change, so they really are a worthwhile investment. 


Q: What are your hopes for the future regarding vehicle security and motor insurance?

A: Car insurance used to be tailored to the client’s circumstances, such as vehicle type, previous claims and endorsements. Now, it seems everyone is seeing unfair hikes in their premiums. I have seen my personal vehicle premium literally double in 12 months, yet I have had no claims and only drive 6,000 miles per year. 

I think it’s only a matter of time before the tide changes and those with a “low risk” profile start to see the premiums stabilise and hopefully reduce. Installing effective security will help accelerate this, but sadly many of our clients only become aware of their vehicles’ vulnerabilities after it’s too late. 


For further details on Safe & Sound’s vehicle security systems or to discover the most effective ways to safeguard your Range Rover and reduce insurance expenses, feel free to call us at 0800 368 8656.

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