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All About Insurance Approved Car Trackers

Did you know In 2022, around 58,000 vehicles were stolen in the UK? That amounts to about 159 cars per day and 1,117 weekly. This is a 58% jump in vehicles stolen from the previous year.

According to the latest statistics from the UK government, the recovery rate for stolen vehicles is approximately 50%. However, cars that are fitted with tracking devices have as high as 95% recovery rate. This makes it easier for the authorities to track your vehicle down and return it to you unharmed.

At Safe & Sound, we offer a large range of Insurance Approved Vehicle Trackers for mobile installation throughout the UK. The vehicle tracking device is similar to a GPS, but more accurate and secure.

Our range of trackers provide 24/7 real-time location monitoring with alerts for any suspicious behaviour, offering peace of mind to drivers and their families.

Insurance Approved Car TrackersSafe & Sound Vehicle Tracking Devices

All our vehicle tracking devices are Thatcham Approved, and include nationwide installation at your location. 

We offer a long warranty on all devices and all our GPS trackers, and any vehicle tracker installed by us.

Our engineers are trained to Thatcham criteria, and all have product training provided by the tracking device manufacturer.

What is a car tracker? How does it function?

Car trackers are devices that are installed in your vehicle to monitor its location and other activities.

Through the use of GPS technology, these car trackers provide 24/7 access to real-time data about your vehicle, such as speed, direction of travel, fuel consumption, mileage and more. The device also sends alerts to you or your fleet manager when the vehicle is used outside of set parameters, like entering a restricted area or exceeding speed limits. This provides greater security and control over your vehicle, helping to reduce unauthorised use and possible theft.

How does a car tracker work?

Car tracking devices work by using the data collected by GPS to reference the device’s exact location with longitude and latitude, and communicate this back to the third party control centre via GSM. This information is run through the mapping control panel, which then provides location data of the vehicle.

The information is then shared with the designated user in real time. The data collected is also used to help track various vehicles. 

The devices use the car battery for initial power, and, should this be interrupted, they use their own internal battery back-up.

Car Tracker installationCar Tracker installation

Trackers can be installed in any vehicle, and there are different ways of installation depending on the type of tracker you have. Generally, car trackers work with an app that will give you access to real-time data from your device.

Professional installation is recommended for more complicated installations such as those involving hardwiring the device into your car, this is standard procedure for all Insurance Approved trackers sold by us.

Insurance Approved TrackersInsurance Approved Trackers

Insurance Approved Trackers are subject to strict testing guidelines set out by Thatcham.

Once testing is completed, each tracker is given its own individual Thatcham Evaluation Number relevant to its tested category. These are then added to the certified Insurance Approved Car Tracker devices list, and displayed on the Thatcham website.

The Latest Car Tracking Software.The latest car tracking software

Insurance Approved Car Trackers use the latest in tracking and mapping software. This ensures that the user can access and manage their vehicles in real-time, as well as track them if they are stolen or hijacked.

The software is constantly being updated to ensure that you are getting the latest features available. It is this technology that helps lower insurance premiums and keeps thieves on the back foot.

In the event of vehicle theft, your car’s location will be updated via the advanced cloud tracking software mapping panel every few seconds, and relayed via the control room to the UK Police force - or to the fleet manager’s phone or desktop, for those using the vehicle tracker for asset location.

What is the best Insurance Approved Vehicle Tracker?

Our best car tracker as an Insurance Approved Vehicle Tracker has to be the Thatcham Category S5 range. Most of these are displayed below. They really are the best vehicle tracking device available.

Using Automatic Driver Recognition (ADR), the vehicle tracking device will check to see if the driver identification tag is present in the vehicle. If the proper driver recognition tags are not detected, then an unauthorised driver alert is sent to the control room before the car owners receive a phone call to notify them of the potential car theft.

It is this Driver ID technology that makes the S5 range some of the best Car Trackers available. The two best Car Trackers in the range are the Scorpion S5 and the Smartrack S5; both have a dedicated smartphone app allowing car owners to keep an eye on things.

Both of these insurance approved trackers are available with FREE nationwide installation.

S5 Vehicle trackers also have the ability to provide remote immobilisation. This means that any vehicle with a device, once confirmed as stolen, could then receive the remote immobilisation command and prevent the vehicle's engine from restarting.

Features of Insurance Approved Trackers

Unauthorised Driving AlertUnauthorised driving alert

Standard in all S5 Thatcham Approved trackers, an unauthorised driver alert will be sent by the vehicle tracking system, detailing the vehicle’s location so the owner can confirm the vehicle’s safety.

24-hour vehicle monitoring

All Thatcham Approved Car Trackers have 24-hour monitoring, which, via movement sensors and car battery monitoring, allow the device to provide GPS tracking straight to the owner’s smartphone app and the Secure Control Room.

Driver ID TagDriver ID tag

As you are no doubt aware now, S5 vehicle tracking systems rely on these Driver ID tags as the first line of defence against car theft, relay attacks, and key cloning.

Some S5 Car Trackers use a physical driver tag, and others use a smartphone app to pair with the device, referred to as Phone Tag. The technology is the same; the physical tag is simply an alternative to the smartphone app.

Driver Behaviour ManagementDriver behaviour management

Vehicle tracking can be used to report on the driver’s behaviour. Our tracking systems are able to quickly and accurately detect harsh acceleration, cornering, and braking. This information can then be used by fleet managers to help encourage better driving habits amongst their drivers.

How to avoid being victim to modern theft methods

There are no free vehicle security products, but there is free advice (and free nationwide installation on our vehicle trackers). Follow these simple rules - park in well-lit areas; where possible, remove all valuables from the vehicle; conceal any navigation system in the glove compartment, and ensure the boot cover is pulled over the boot area.

Using a faraday bag for your vehicle keys is a cheap and effective method of thwarting a relay attack on the vehicle key. Steering locks can also be purchased quite cheaply also, consider a Sold Secure device as these are often stronger and can sustain a prolonged attack.

Look to immobilise your vehicle. The Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser 2 is a great device for doing this and requires a unique PIN code to be entered using the vehicle's buttons before the car can be driven away.

Lastly, invest in a GPS tracker or any vehicle tracker to give you the best possible chance of recovery in the event of vehicle theft.

How does relay theft work?

Relay theft works by using a scanner and a repeater box. The attack is done by two or more people where one thief will approach your property carrying the scanner device, which is designed to pick up on the RF signal transmitting from your vehicle’s keys.

When picked up, the signal is then sent from the scanner to the repeater box held by the second thief who is standing next to your car. This fools the car into thinking the key is present, unlocks the car and allows the engine to be started and the car driven away.

Our Thatcham Approved car tracking devices come with FREE installation and can help lower insurance premiums on keyless vehicles which are prone to this type of attack.

Frequently asked questions about car trackers

How far can a GPS tracking device work?

A GPS (global positioning system) Car Tracker will work from any range, in any country. The GPS tracker’s range depends on the type of system and the type of connection that it is using.

Some trackers connect to mobile phone networks, while others use radio frequencies or satellite signals. The higher-end systems will usually have a wider range than standard models and use more than one of these methods to communicate its position.

GPS positioning is almost standard for insurance approved tracking devices.

How much does a car tracker cost?How much does a car tracker cost?

Car tracker cost as little or as much as you want to spend.

Thatcham Category S7 car trackers start from as little as £189.00 supplied and installed while Thatcham Category S5 car trackers start from £399.00

We have a range of payment methods when purchasing these car trackers via our website, choose from PayPal, Debit or Credit Card or PayPal Credit or even Klarna.

Are there car trackers without subscriptions?

No. One way or another you will pay a subscription for all car tracking systems as part of the vehicle tracking devices’ tracking service. Even with a pay as you go Car Tracker, you will still need to buy credit in order to use the device.

All trackers require a tracking subscription of some kind, either monthly, yearly or prepaid. This cost is added on top of the initial cost of the tracker itself and covers data delivery, server costs and other associated fees.

Do GPS trackers work without cell service?

Yes. The GPS Car Tracker will store their location information within the device, then once cell service resumes, they will force the information through to the control room along with driver identification tag numbers where installed.

This advanced technology gives us the ability to track vehicles even if they enter a low cellular signal area, and is a standard requirement for an insurance approved tracker.

Why should you install a GPS Tracker?

There are many answers to this question. Insurance approval and peace of mind are two reasons for installing car tracking devices.

You may want to use a dedicated car tracker to keep an eye on a vulnerable family member, or you may need one installing for your insurance company as a condition of the insurance policy. Most insurance providers will make you aware at the time of your cover commencing if they require an insurance approved vehicle tracker.

GPS tracking is incredibly accurate and a GPS Car Tracker can also help with your Goods in Transit insurance premium.

Do GPS Car Trackers work in remote areas?

Yes they do. This same question is answered in the one above; where GSM coverage is low, the car tracker, along with most GPS car trackers, will store the vehicle’s GPS tracking coordinates and push them through the cloud to the control room when a more stable GSM connection is established.

This is similar to the car trackers’ GPS anti-jamming measures.

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