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Your FAQ's Answered

What is the difference between S7 & S5 Trackers?

Great question, and also an in-depth one. 

S7 Tracking systems are a reactive tracking system, largely reliant upon the owner realising the vehicle is missing and raising the alarm. 

S5 Tracking systems are a pro-active device centred around the driver carrying a Driver ID tag when entering the vehicle. The Driver ID deactivates the tracking system and no alerts are sent to the 24 hour control room. Should a thief enter the vehicle without the tag, then an alert is sent directly to the 24 hour control room and contact is made with the owner. In the event of theft, this raises the alarm in just a few minutes as opposed to what could be hours with the S7 tracker. 

For a full run down of the device differences, please visit this article here.  

How soon can you install my tracker?

We generally work off a 5 working day lead time. If you are purchasing your tracker or immobiliser through our website then simply inform us of some ideal installation dates in the comments box, and we will do our best to accommodate one of them.

Booking confirmation is sent via email and text. Should your desired date be unavailable then we will contact you to discuss an alternative. 

Can you install my tracker at the supplying dealer?

Yes. We frequently install vehicle trackers and immobilisers at the supplying dealer ready for your collection. All we ask is you ensure the dealer is ok with us visiting and working on their site. You can then supply the installation address on checkout via the website, please ensure you add the name of the person we should ask for. 

Let us take the stress out of it, simply copy us into an introductory email to your sales contact and we will liaise directly to ensure the vehicle is secured prior to your collection, leaving you free to enjoy the vehicle. 

Do all trackers have a subscription?

All Insurance & Thatcham approved tracking systems require a subscription to allow them to monitor the vehicles position in real time. If there is no active subscription then the device can not report its location. 

Fleet tracking systems also require a subscription to allow them to report their positions.

Some very basic devices available online allow you to use a Pay As You Go sim. These are mainly tracking systems that you text from a mobile phone to request the position and are not suitable for Thatcham or Insurance purposes. We do not offer this type of tracking system as they are not suitable for the vehicle security industry. 

Will a tracker work on my Electric or Hybrid vehicle?

Yes. All of our S7 and basic S5 trackers will work on Hybrid and Electric vehicles.

If you require immobilisation for your Hybrid or Electric vehicle then please make contact with us so we can go through your vehicle specific options.

Do trackers come with a Smartphone App?

All tracking systems on our website come with a free smartphone app offering on demand location reporting of your asset. Many of these apps offer management of the devices subscription also. 

Why are you more expensive?

Our prices reflect the quality of our work and after sales support. We aim to be priced competitively, but not the cheapest. We offer with a quality job at a great price. Our engineers do not work on commission and therefore take time to ensure your chosen vehicle security product is installed correctly. Any chosen device is only as good as the installer. 

Please check our product and Google reviews against the cheaper alternative company. They speak for themselves. 

Quality is not cheap. Cheap is not quality. 

Do you get window stickers?

Yes, we offer our very own small and discrete window stickers. Of course it is your personal choice if you would like to display them or not. There is no right or wrong answer. 

Our products are not supplied with window stickers displaying the name of the chosen device. This is widely considered to be irresponsible. Instead our generic "Secured by Safe & Sound" window stickers are designed to be thought provoking and encourage a 'would be thief' to move onto the next vehicle while maintaining your vehicles sleek looks. 

Will I receive an Insurance Certificate for installation?

Yes. Certificates for insurance approved tracking devices are issued on successful payment and activation of the devices subscription. 

Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser 2 installation certificates are emailed directly to the owner from TASSA within 24 hours of your installation completing.  

Fleet tracking systems do not require an insurance certificate

Trying to buy online but "Chosen device is not available at my location".

You have more than likely seen this message when trying to complete the online checkout of the Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser 2.

Not all our engineers are fully trained to install the device and as such we do have geographical restrictions in place to prevent us misleading or wasting your time. No one needs an unqualified engineer installing security to their vehicle.  

We do not offer FULL UK coverage for all of our trackers and immobilisers such as the Scottish Highlands and IoW or IoM. 

Are trackers specific to vehicle manufacturers or models?

No. Not as a rule. 

Many vehicle manufacturers have their "preferred" brand of tracking system however you can choose any tracking brand you wish. 

Where tracking systems offer the ability to immobilise your vehicle then some devices may not be compatible with certain vehicle power types. This is due to the way they immobilise the engine or electric motor. The Smartrack S5 iMob is a device that has two different options depending on the vehicle power type.

Please use our Help me Choose tool at the top of the page to be guided to the most suitable product for your vehicle. Of course, you can always drop an email or call. 

Can the tracker be transferred to a future vehicle?

Yes. All our tracking systems can be removed from one vehicle and transferred to another. This includes, fleet trackers and Thatcham and Insurance approved devices also. 

Can I see the location of my vehicle?

Yes. All our tracking systems come with a free smartphone app which will allow you to see your vehicles position.

For vehicles with a monitored subscription (insurance approved S7 or S5), on confirmation of your vehicle theft with the 24 hour control room, access to the app will be suspended. This allows the responding Police force to deal with the recovery, and rightly or wrongly, prevents vigilante action. 

All fleet management tracking systems allow full journey reporting and journey history via the app. 

Will your device invalidate my vehicles warranty?

No. We have being installing vehicle security equipment and other related vehicle enhancements such as heated seats, cruise control, parking sensors and alarms for over 22 years and we have never invalidated a vehicles warranty. 

We are trained professionals and you are in good hands. 

Can I remap my vehicle with a Ghost installed?

Yes. Simply put the device into service mode and this will allow seamless communication with the vehicles ECU. 

Details on how to enter and exit service mode can be found in the support section at the top of our website.