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Car Key Bag - Signal Blocker

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Car Key Bag - Signal Blocker

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✓ Blocks Car Key Signal Transmission.
✓ Secure By Design Police Preferred Specification .
✓ Simple, effective and convenient.
✓ Blocks signals within 30 seconds.
RRP £14.99

Faraday Bag 

Designed for keyless entry and push button start vehicles, you simply pop your keys in the bag, seal the bag and within 30 seconds all wireless radio transmission is blocked in and out of the bag. This is a perfect and cost effective solution to help prevent car theft by way of key cloning and signal boosting. It ease of use makes it the sensible choice for those who feel vulnerable to this method of theft or those who simply want additional layers of security. Perfect for your vehicles spare key when at home. 

Our Defender Signal Blocker is the most superior Car Key Bag on the market with Secured by Design accreditation it is designed and built to Police preferred specification. Specialist and industry leading RPF material is used for superior and reliable operation. 

The pouch measures 190mm x 117mm and is suitable for 1 or 2 car keys.  

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