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Scorpion X Series Immobiliser

Scorpion X Series Immobiliser

Scorpion X Series Immobiliser

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✓ Great alternative to a vehicle tracker.
✓ FREE Defender Faraday Pouch.
✓ Greater vehicle compatibility than the Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser 
✓ Prevents vehicle theft even with the keys
✓ Untraceable Immobilisation
✓ No visual signs of installation.
✓ Can be removed and refit to new vehicle.
✓ Pair with a tracker for complete peace of mind. 

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Scorpion X Series Immobiliser addresses the most sophisticated methods of theft including relay theft and key cloning, keeping your vehicle where you left it. 

Following in the success of the Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser, the Scorpion X series offers protection for vehicles that the Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser can not. Using Dual CAN technology it further enhances both security and user experience.   



 Scorpion X Series PIN

Disarming the Scorpion X Series

As with many CAN immobilisers, disarming of the device is done using the vehicles original buttons, such as those on the steering wheel, drivers door or even the centre console. You can choose a combination of button presses as your code, this unique code must be entered prior to each start of the vehicles engine. Failure to do so means the vehicle can not be driven. 

Arming the Scorpion X Series

Arming of the immobiliser could not be easier.. Simply turn the ignition off and open the door.

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The incredibly small Scorpion X Series can be hidden just about anywhere in your vehicle, with ease. Completely concealed in the vehicle it remians undetected, offering amazing peace of mind, for years.  

Benefits of the Scorpion X Series are:

  • Engine Start Blocking
  • Undetectable using diagnostics
  • No Radio Frequency Signals
  • Silent Opertaion
  • Prevents Key Cloning and ECU Swapping
  • Tested to destruction for each supported vehicle
  • Valet and Service Mode enabled
  • Emergency PIN override
  • Use the vehicles buttons to enter your PIN code


Scorpion X Series with Tracker


Scorpion X Series & Tracker Offers

By choosing to combine the Scorpion X Series with a tracking system you further enhance, and layer your vehicles security, offering protection against Tow-Away and Hi-Jack. 

We have heavily discounted offers of the Scorpion X Series when paired with a tracking system:

  • Self Monitored Tracking System from Safe Track - Normally £219.00 save £119.00
  • Insurance and Thatcham Approved S7 Tracking from Smartrack - Normally £199.00 Save £50.00
  • Insurance and Thatcham Approved S5 Tracking from Smartrack or Scorpion - Normally £449.00 Call for pricing!




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