Safe Track Asset

Safe Track Asset Smaller Safe Track Asset App Settings Safe Track Asset App Map
TSafe Track Asset Smaller TSafe Track Asset App Settings TSafe Track Asset App Map

Safe Track Asset

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✓ Vulnerable Vehicles & Family Members.
✓ FREE Smartphone App.
✓ 27p Per Day Tracking.
✓ Almost Real-time tracking via online portal.
✓ Driver Behaviour Reporting.
✓ Perfect for Small to Large Fleets.
✓ Incredible value for money.
✓ Journey reporting, Geofence Alerts and more.
✓ Suitable for Cars, Vans & HGV's.

 /  Safe Track Asset Safe Track Asset Only  /  Subscription Options Monthly Direct Debit - £11.10 (Non Monitored)

Safe Track Asset

Safe Track Asset is designed and developed through years of listening to our customers and developing a product to suit their every need, with a flexibility that is unrivalled. It is the perfect solution, from a single vehicle or vulnerable family member, through to a large fleet of vehicles and assets

With the ability to set alerts for ignition activations on or off, or text message if the vehicle leaves or enters a predetermined location, over speed warnings, schedule vehicle services based on hours or mileage and more the Safe Track Asset is a cost effective way to manage your fleet or simply keep an eye on that vulnerable family member.



Features: Safe Track Asset App Settings

This great value for money tracker boasts the following benefits:

  • Flexible Low Cost Subscription 
  • Set Alerts for Geofence, Breach of Area, Speed and more
  • MOT & Service Schedule Reminders
  • Monitor Mileage
  • Driver Behaviour
  • Suitable for all vehicles, Cars, Vans, Motorhomes and HGV
  • 12 / 24 Volt Compatible
  • Can be removed and refit to a different vehicle
  • 24 Month Warranty. 
  • Discrete Installation Available
  • Optional Upgrade to Thatcham & Insurance Approval
  • FREE Smartphone App 


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How Does it Work? 


The Safe Track Asset is covertly installed within your vehicle by one of our highly trained engineers who are also governed by the Thatcham Recognised Installer Scheme, ensuring a high quality of install with no traces of our presence to be found. You will not be required to have any direct involvement with the Safe Track Asset Tracker.

Customise Alerts & Reports

Alerts can be configured from within your online account with options for push notifications, emails and text messages when an alert is generated. Reports can also be generated and set to automatically populate at a varying frequency for speed, driving time, mileage, geofence breach and more. Its fully customisable. 

The Safe Track Smartphone App is available for download and ensure you can keep an eye on your vehicles wherever you are. 


 Safe Track S5 Portal

Convenience Features

Online Portal

The Safe Track web based portal means you can start tracking your assets as soon as your installation is completed ans subscription paid. Simply login to watch journeys and locations as they update in near enough real time. From here users can set and customise alerts, reports, geofences and more.  The Safe Track Asset portal allows for connectivity to other vehicles and assets equipped with Safe Track devices and therfore allows users of both systems to display all their vehicles in the one account or app. Perfect for fleets of all sizes. 

  • Journey History - Generate latest and historical journey reports.
  • Live Dashboard - Customisable graphs and charts of journey related data.
  • Geofence Alerts - Set geofence locations to get in-app alerts or generate reports when vehicles enter and exit these locations.
  • Driver Behaviour Analysis - Provides driving style data to help reduce your motoring costs (fuel, wear and tear) and increase safety. This data is not shared with any third party.
  • Private and business mileage - Produce reports to check against expenses and HMRC compliance.
  • Modes - Avoid false theft alerts by setting Transport Mode when travelling by ferry or Garage Mode when your vehicle is being serviced. Modes can also be set via the mobile app.
  • Live Mapping - Vehicle position, bearing and ignition state plotted on a live map.
  • Assign Vehicle Groups - Group your fleet according to their department or purpose



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Free Smartphone App Safe Track Asset App Map 

The Safe Trak Asset mobile app is feature packed. The app allows you to remotely access and manage security, safety and convenience features including: 

  • On Demand Location Reports
  • Select Transport or Garage Modes
  • Find your vehicle with directions 
  • MOT & Service Reminders  
  • Utlises the latest mapping technology
  • Enable & Disable Alerts 
  • Vehicle location and status updates
  • Touch ID or Pin Code Log-in
  • Account management and preferences
  • Select Transport or Garage modes
  • Find my vehicle with directions
  • Modes - Avoid false theft alerts by setting Transport Mode when travelling by ferry or Garage Mode when your vehicle is being serviced.


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Our flexible apporach to subscriptions offers you a range of options to suit all circumstances. From around 27p per day, we offer a monthly Pay as You Go approach with no fixed term. Or you can choose to pay for multiple years tracking at once.

Subscription Payment

Payment for subscriptions can be made at the time of booking your installation with our office or via the Smartphone app, after installation if you prefer. Details of the app will be sent to you via email prior to the installation. Following payment, your vehicles position will update on the app after the first cycle of the vehicle ignition. 


Insurance Approval

If you’re looking for that little more protection, we offer the ability to upgrade your subscription to a “fully monitored” service. This upgrades the Safe Track Asset to a Thatcham and Insurance Approved Category S7 tracker, Safe Track S7 Asset.

With a fully monitored subscription, should their be an external battery disconnection or the vehicle moves without the ignition on, such as being towed away then an alert is sent from the device, to the 24 hour control room who in turn contact you to confirm the vehicles location.

In the event of a confirmed theft, the control room will liaise with the nearest Police force and guide them in to the vehicles location.


Fully Monitored subscriptions costs are displayed in the dropdown box above. 



Have a question or would like to know more? 

Please click enquire / contact us and enter your details, or feel free to call. 

Ready to book or arrange installation?

We Call You - Click enquire, fill in your details and one of our team will call you as soon as possible where we can answer any last questions prior to booking.  

Online Booking - You can click book now, enter your details and we will contact you to arrange a convenient installation date and time. Installations are generally arranged within 5 working days. Full payment is required for all online product orders. Subscription payments can be made via the Safe Track Smartphone App.  

Call Us - Just give us a call, we can arrange installation over the phone and answer any questions you may have. On booking over the phone, we offer the option of paying a deposit to secure your installation with the balance due on completion. Full payment can be made at the time of booking if you prefer. Deposit and Balance Payment requests are sent via email or text message where you can securely enter your details. BACS details are also provided should you wish. 

 ** FREE Faraday bag on completion of installation. Further details of this product can be found here.


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5 x Multidrop Vans
ReviewerMrs J Contell / FromLeeds / Date
Very good tracker and the app is very easy to use. 1 of our devices developed a fault shortly after installation but Mark arranged a replacement within 24 hours which I was very impressed with it. There was no brushing us under the carpet as with our previous tracking provider, true to his word he arranged the replacement as quickly as possible so you can't say better than that. Thank you so much!
Mercedes Sprinter
ReviewerMr T Longstaff / FromRotherham / Date
I was promised by Mark that I would not regret getting this product, and he's right. I do not. It works well and gives real control. We have 4 vans in total but we wanted to see how well it worked before committing to all 4 doing. I'm now happy to go ahead and have them done.
Delivery Car
ReviewerMrs J Whang / FromLeeds / Date
Very good. We keep an eye on the car all the time.
4 Vans and 2 Cars
ReviewerMr F Hampton / FromLeeds / Date
They work well and the for the cost it was a no brainer. Thanks
Sons Car
ReviewerMr S Felton / FromWakefield / Date
My son recently passed his driving test and as me and my wife are worried sick about him this tracker seemed like a good idea. Installation was easy and done within a good time period. Setting up of the app was easy and we can now see where he is at all times and know he is safe. There does seem to be many features on the app but I'm not sure we will use them all.
Free AppYes
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