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Motorhome Alarm Ultimate

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Motorhome Alarm Ultimate

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The ultimate motorhome alarm for vehicles with or without remote central locking.
✓ Incredible value for money.
✓ Thatcham & Insurance Approved.
✓ Ultrasonic Protection of Cabin area.
✓ Cabin door protection.
✓ Internal PIR for habitation area.
✓ Locker & Habitation Door Protection.
✓ Night / Pet Mode.
✓ Optional Tracking Upgrade.
Price includes fitting at your location *

Our Motorhome Alarm Ultimate offers unrivalled value for money compared to many other alarms systems and is suitable for installation on any Motorhome. The alarm is Thatcham Approved which ensures compliance with most Motorhome insurers and helps future proof the issue rising when changing insurer. It is also hugely customisable with the ability to add additional sensors and even a full telematics siren with tracker. 

The alarm is based on the Meta Easycan Thatcham 2-1 Upgrade and has two installation options dictated by the motorhome; those with remote central locking and those without.

If your motorhome has remote central locking such as the Mercedes Sprinter, Fiat Ducato or Peugeot Boxer then we can install the Motorhome alarm system to operate via this existing remote control, erasing the need for a second remote on your keyring. If you only have one remote key and would like a second then, we offer the option to add an additional remote control. This can offer a huge saving over the main dealer cost. Further details are available lower down. 

If your motorhome has no remote central locking or perhaps no central locking at all then we can install the motorhome alarm with 2 brand new remote controls. We will always endevour to connect the alarm to your central locking where fitted.

Both options offer the same great level of protection which includes high power ultrasonic sensor protection of the cabin/cockpit area but due to the high power of the ultrasonics they extend their protection into the habitation area of most motorhomes. Also provided as standard in this package is one habitation door sensor and one further sensor for a garage door or locker door. 

Should you wish there is the option to add a PIR sensor for the habitation area. Not many vehicles require or need these as protection of the habitation walk way is often covered by the front mounted ultrasonics. If you prefer to add a PIR for further coverage on larger motorhomes then we can happily do this. Further details are available lower down. 



The Motorhome alarm system has two settings, Day Mode and Night Mode. Day Mode will activate all the sensors on arming, suitable for through the day. Setting the alarm using Night Mode will activate the perimeter senosors but disable the internal sensor allowing you to move freely throughout the vehicle, perfect for over night or leaving your beloved pooch behind. 


Secuirty Features: 

  • Door, Boot, Bonnet and ignition protection.
  • Ultrasonic Interior Protection of the Cabin and Walkway
  • 2 x Wireless Habitation Door/Locker Contacts
  • Battery Back Up Siren Mounted in the Engine Bay
  • Dashboard mounted LED
  • Indicator Flash Output on Arm/Disarm/Alarm Condition
  • AUX Output for Pager or Text Alert
  • Optional Sensor Input
  • Additional Remote Controls available for vehicles supplied with only one remote control key.   



Further Enhancements

Telematics Siren

Our Meta based Motorhome Alarm Ultimate offers the ability to upgrade your alarm to full telematics system using the Meta 7.5 Telematics Siren (non Thatcham). This allows vehicle tracking throughout Europe, instant push and text notifications to your mobile phone should the alarm be triggered. There is also on demand location reporting, 90 day journey history and driver behaviour avaialbe via the smartphone app. GPS Jamming detection and Geofence alerts (if vehicle moves from a set area) further enhance the levels security. 

The cost of this including one years subscription is £249.00 Subsequent annual subscription is £64.95 per year or £174.95 for 3 years. 


Second Remote Control

The motorhome alarm primarily arms and disarms from the original vehicle manufacturers remote control. If your vehicle is one of a handful that was supplied with one remote control key and one bladed key then the option to add second remote control could be of interest.

Imagine the scenario where you have had breakfast and one of you goes to walk the dog while the other goes for a swim. You both leave the motorhome at the same time and set the alarm. If one of you returns before the other, only the person with the motorhome remote control could turn the alarm off. This is where a second remote control could be of use. Or you may possibly like one just for the reassurance.

Should you loose any remotes, be it factory or our supplied one, or they become damaged and inoperable you can still enter the vehicle with the bladed key. The motorhome alarm will sound but you can then disarm it using the emergency override PIN.

This second remote control also operates the motorhomes remote central locking when arming and disarming the alarm, it also allows you to activate Night / Pet Mode.


Habitation Area Protection.

As standard our ultimate motorhome alarm offers protection of the habitation door via a discreet wireless contact switch. You may wish to add further volumetric protection to the inside of the habitation area if it is large or you feel it has a vulnerability at the very back.

You can do this by adding in one of our high quality PIR sensors. There are not many vehicles which require these however as the effectiveness of the cabin mounted high power ultrasonics is often enough to protect the walkway in most habitation areas.


Night / Pet mode

The alarm system allows for a partial setting where it will deactivate all the internal sensors but still offer protection of the motorhomes habitation door, garage and locker doors. This is known as night mode / pet mode.

Isolation of these internal sensors can be achieved by a single press of the sensors supplied remote control.  A  press before arming for the ultrasonics and after arming for the PIR.


Additional Key Fobs AvailableYes
Additional Siren AvailableYes
Thatcham Category2 to 1
Ultrasonic Sensors IncludedYes
Wireless Door Contacts IncludedYes
Wireless PIR IncludedOptional Upgrade
Battery Back UpYes
Auto Re-Arm & Door LockNot on Motorhome
Central Locking ControlYes
Dash Board Mounted LEDYes
Door, Bonnet, Boot Protection Yes
Hazard Light FlashYes
Immobiliser CircuitNo - Optional
Key Theft ProtectionNo
LED ColourRed
Microwave Sensor CompatibleYes
Paging System CompatibleYes
Passive ImmobiliserNo
Thatcham / Insurance Certificate ProvidedYes
Thatcham ApprovedYes
Tilt Sensor CompatibleYes
Warn Away ProtectionNo
Warranty2 Years
Number of key fobs5 Max
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Customer Feedback
Morning Mark, Before I set off to work this morning just wanted to say thanks for the great job on the parking sensors. I've used the car over the weekend & the sensors have been really useful. They give that little extra confidence when parking that you're not about to hit anything - point taken though, there's no substitute for looking where you're going! Katrina passed an unprompted comment yesterday on how good they perform. In truth they're a neat job &, especially in another week or two, they won't be noticed at all. Thanks again for a great job, at a great price. BMW wanted £600 just for the parts!! Cheers
Graham Aubry
Pudsey, Leeds
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