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Meta Track S5 Deadlock Metatrak S5 Deadlock Plus
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Meta Trak S5 VTS & Deadlock, Deadlock Plus

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✓ Suitable for Cars, Vans & Motorhomes
✓ Thatcham Category S5.
✓ Comes with 2 x Automatic Driver Recognition tags
✓ FREE Smartphone App with Push Notifications.
✓ FREE Faraday Bag.
✓ Optional Automatic Remote Engine immobilisation facility.
✓ Optional OBD Port Immobilisation.
✓ Approved by all Insurance companies.
✓ 3 Year Warranty.
✓ Employs GPS & GSM to communicate the vehicles position throughout Europe.
✓ Transport or Garage Mode.
✓ Fully Transferable to new vehicle.

Price includes NATIONWIDE fitting at your location *
Was £499.00
 /  Subscription (Required at time of Purchase)None  /  Optional Immobilisation RequiredS5 Only

Meta Trak S5 VTS 

Meta Trak S5 VTS is the standard S5 insurance approved tracking system from industry giants, Meta.

The Meta Track S5 is available in the S5 Deadlock and S5 Deadlock Plus variants allowing for increased levels of security and protection against the increasingly sophisticated thief. 



Automatic Driver Recognition

As with all S5 tracking systems, the Meta Trak S5 uses Automatic Driver Recognition as its first line of defence against vehicle theft. Should the ignition be turned on without the ADR tag present the unit will transmit an alert to the control room and a Push Notification to the owners' mobile phone allowing quick identification of a possible theft. 



Meta Trak S5 Deadlock

Metatrak S5 Deadlock utilises the same levels of defence as the base level S5 VTS but with addition of Remote Engine Immobilisation. This immobilisation feature again adds additional layers of security as follows

  • Automatic Immobilisation - On leaving your vehicle the Metatrak S5 Deadlock Immobiliser will automatically immobilise the vehicle and prevent an engine restart should the driver ADR tag not be detected. 
  • Remote Immobilisation - In the event of theft the vehicle can be remotely immobilised by the customer from the Smartphone app or upon Police request via the Meta control room. 
  • ADR Tag Override - The owner can also activate the Metatrak S5 VTS Deadlock to only release the immobiliser from the mobile phone app, handy if you are concerned about your keys being vulnerable or the vehicle is stolen. Simply turn the ADR option off in the app and should the Metatrak S5 VTS Deadlock detect the ADR tags it will remain immobilised until told to switch off via the smartphone app. 


Meta Trak S5 VTS Deadlock Plus

S5 VTS Deadlock Plus further increases the Meta Trak S5 VTS Deadlock level of security by OBD Port Immobilisation. Should a thief gain entry to your vehicle the Deadlock Plus automatically immobilises the vehicles OBD (On Board Diagnostic) port to prevent communication with the vehicles ECU and therefore preventing keys from being programmed. 



Mobile Application

  • Activate Remote Immobilisation from your phone.
  • Activate OBD Port Immobilisation from your phone.
  • Switch Off ADR (Unique to MetaTrak)
  • Geofence Alerts - Set geofence locations to get in-app alerts or generate reports when vehicles enter and exit these locations.
  • Journey History - Generate latest and historical journey reports.
  • Driver Behaviour Analysis - Provides driving style data and trip scoring.
  • Private and business mileage - Produce reports to check against expenses and HMRC compliance.
  • Modes - Avoid false theft alerts by setting Transport Mode when travelling by ferry or Garage Mode when your vehicle is being serviced. Modes can be set via the mobile app.




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Payment - This is made on completion of your online order. Or, if you prefer we send your invoice and a secure Pay By Link request for your order at the time of booking. For simplicity and ease this can also include payment for your subscription should you wish. This is due for payment before installation. If you prefer you can pay a smaller deposit amount at the time of booking and the balance on completion. 

** FREE Faraday bag on completion of installation. Further details of this product can be found here.


Land Rover Defender 2020
ReviewerMr D Elkins / FromWakefield / Date
Straightforward dealings and the device works well. No reason to give anything other than 5 stars. Thank you for the quick turnaround.
Lamborghini Huracan 2018
ReviewerMr A Martin / FromWakefield / Date
I’ve used Safe & Sound Vehicle Systems Ltd on many occasions over the last few years and they’ve always been brilliant. This time was no exception. The Meta works well, as does the immobiliser via the app and the value seems brilliant for what you get. There seems to be lots of useful features, not sure I’ll use them all but it’s good to know they’re there. See you again soon.
2020 Ford Transit MSRT
ReviewerMr G Collis / FromLeeds / Date
On first contact I asked for the best and I certainly feel like I got the best, installed by the best! It’s brilliant, the alerts and push notifications put me in complete control of my van when I’m not with it. Second to none!
Audi S3 2019
ReviewerMr S Evans / FromHuddersfield / Date
A friend had this installed by Mark a few months ago and loved it so thought I’d go for the same on my car. As he suggested, it’s brilliant as is the service from Mark. I’ll be sure to recommend you guys. Thanks so much.
Fiesta ST 2019
ReviewerMr S Pearson / FromBradford / Date
Just brilliant. Nothing else needs to be said. Thank you for making it so easy.
Range Rover Sport SVR 2020
ReviewerMrs S Dolman / FromManchester / Date
Safe & Sound Vehicle Systems Ltd were a pleasure to deal with. I feel like a secret agent with the app and all it’s features. My cat already has a tracker from the factory but I needed an S5 for my broker so thought I’d go for the best available. It works very well, the app is quick, accurate and easy to use. Very pleased and would use again.
Audi RS3
ReviewerMr O Lockhead / FromYork / Date
I love this Deadlock kit, it’s simply brilliant giving me full control over my vehicle. The security can be flexible to fit my requirements and vulnerability of the vehicle keys. It’s all controlled from the phone and works better than I thought it would. It originally sounded expensive but when you work it out it’s same sort of cost as any other system but has more features. Safe & Sound Vehicle Systems Ltd are also a great company. Arranging fitting was easy and the engineer arrived in good time leaving my vehicle cleaner than he found it. Thoroughly impressed all round.
12 / 24 Volt12v
24 Hour MonitoringYes
Annual Subscription £149.00
Battery Back UpYes
Battery Disconnect Alert Yes
Business & Private Milage Yes
Driver I.D CardsYes x 2
European CoverageYes
Fully TransferableYes
Geo FencesYes
Google Street MappingYes
Insurance ApprovedYes - S5
Internal AerialsYes
Movement SensorYes
Over Speed WarningsYes
Thatcham / Insurance Certificate ProvidedYes
Thatcham CategoryS5
Vehicle Battery Low WarningYes
View on PCYes
Warranty3 Years
Monthly Subscription OptionNo
3 Years Subscription OptionYes - £399.95
Duration of Ownership SubscriptionNo
Remote Engine Immobilisation Not on S5 - S5 Deadlock and Deadlock Plus are standard
Free AppYes
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