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Confirmed Double Flash But Still Will Not Start

Do you or have you used the Mobile Phone App in the past?

Turn off the mobile phone - It is not uncommon for the mobile phone app to hold the connection to the Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser 2, even when the app is turned off. 

  1. Turn the phone off completely. 
  2. Enter the vehicle. 
  3. Turn the ignition on. 
  4. Enter your code. 
  5. Confirm Double Flash. 
  6. Foot on Brake. 
  7. Click start / turn key. 
  8. Engine Starts. 

Now do a HARD RESET on your mobile phone, a simple turn off and on DOES NOT rectify the problem. 

Cycle of Ignition

Some vehicles require an ignition cycle after the input of the code, this WILL have been shown to you at the point of handover. 

Some vehicles that require this are:

    • Fiat Ducato
    • Mazda
    • Audi RS3 (see next article)

This list is not exhaustive. 

Audi RS3

Some Audi RS3's will struggle to start after a failed start (where you start the engine without entering your pin code first). If this happens then please follow the process in the video. 

Glow Plug Lamp Flashing

On rare occasions, following a failed start (where you start the engine without entering your pin code first) it can leave you with the coil lamp flashing and unable to start the vehicle. If this happens then please proceed as follows: 

    1. Turn ignition off for 30 seconds*
    2. Turn ignition on
    3. Enter PIN
    4. Confirm Double Flash
    5. Turn ignition off
    6. Wait 30 seconds*
    7. Turn ignition on
    8. Enter PIN
    9. Confirm Double Flash

If glow plug lamp has stopped flashing...

    1. Foot on clutch / brake
    2. Start engine


If glow plug lamp has not stopped flashing...

    1. Turn ignition off
    2. Wait 30 seconds*
    3. Turn ignition on
    4. Enter PIN
    5. Confirm Double Flash
    6. Foot on Clutch / Brake
    7. Start Engine


* It is important to follow these instructions precisely and ensure you wait a full 30 seconds when instructed.