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Autowatch Ghost FAQs

Does installing an Autowatch Ghost void my vehicles warranty?

This seems to be a question that gets asked a lot about installing an Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser but in a word, no. Installing a Ghost will not void your vehicles warranty. This is the same for any of the products we install, including Parking Sensors (drilling the bodywork), cruise control, speed limiters, tracking systems, alarms and more. In 18 years of installing these devices we have never voided a vehicles warranty.

What do I do for servicing?

The Ghost has a service mode which can be activated very easily, this will temporarily disable the ghost and allow the vehicle to be started and driven as if there was no device installed.

Whenever your vehicle has any work done it is always advisable to activate service mode otherwise it may lead to miscommunication between the dealers computer equipment and your vehicle as the device prohibits communication as part of its security features.

What about vehicle warranty work?

On very rare occasions when vehicle fault finding and warranty work is carried out your dealer may ask for the Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser to be removed from the vehicle. This is standard procedure in the industry. They may require the vehicle to be put back to standard in order to 100% diagnose your vehicles fault. While we know the Ghost will not interfere with their investigations the dealer ultimately reserves the right to ask this.

At this point we would remove the device, let them diagnose and repair the fault then we can reinstate the Ghost. We do not charge for this service as it is very rare for this to happen and just part of our job.

What is the difference between Engine Lock and Gearbox Lock?

Engine Lock - This is where the device prevents the engine from starting and running. Effectively locking the engine.

Gearbox Lock - This is where the device will allow the engine to start but prevent a drive gear been selected. Effectively locking the gear box in Park.

Both methods are just as secure as each other.

Why can’t I have Gearbox Lock on my vehicle?

Not all vehicles support Gearbox Lock.

If you have a “mechanical” gear lever such as Ford Fiesta, Focus, Transit, Hyundai, VW Polo, Golf, Touareg, Audi A1, A3, A4, MIni and many others then Engine Lock is the only option as the device can not override a mechanical link. This would require a mechanical steering lock with a conventional key.

If you have an “electronic” gear selector such as Mercedes, BMW, some Audis’, Jaguar, Range Rover then we can more often than not utilise this gearbox lock method.

What is the difference between the Ghost 1 & 2?

Nothing that you would notice really. The 1 is now obsolete and no longer available. The 2 has the ability to pair 2 phones should you wish, these can be android or ios. I do not endorse the app as if someone has your phone they can start your car. 
It also has a bit of extra technology installed which helps future proof it for the next few years as vehicle technology moves on. Neither of them are more secure than the other, I still have the Ghost 1 on my car as there no gain in changing it. 
There's also the Money Back Guarantee promotion with the Ghost 2 which means should your vehicle be stolen with the device installed then we will refund you the £499.00 Can not say any fairer than that. 

What will happen if I disconnect or change my battery?

Nothing will happen to the Autowatch Ghost. It will retain whichever state it was in before the power interuption. If it was in service mode then it will retain service mode and the same if it was not in service mode, just disarm it as normal to start the vehicle. 

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