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Fleet Trackers

13th May 2024

Fleet tracking systems are used by countless businesses worldwide to monitor and manage commercial vehicles. Whether you’re running a small local service with a handful of vans or a large transportation company with an extensive fleet, we’ve got you covered. Our commercial vehicle trackers make tracking your fleet’s movements and performance more straightforward than ever.

What is fleet tracking?

Fleet tracking is the process of monitoring and managing a fleet of vehicles using GPS (Global Positioning System). It lets you track your vehicles in real-time, gathering data such as location, speed, mileage, fuel consumption, and more.

Fleet tracking systems involve three key elements: the GPS tracker itself, a centralised server, and a software dashboard. The GPS tracker is installed in your vehicle and communicates data to a central server. This location data is then processed, and you can access it via an online portal on your phone or laptop.

What are the benefits of fleet trackers?

Fleet trackers offer numerous advantages for businesses that rely on vehicles for their daily operations. Check out the key benefits below: 

Improve safety

Keeping an eye on driver behaviour helps to improve safety and protect your drivers, products, equipment, vehicles, and reputation. Many commercial trackers can identify unsafe behaviours, such as speeding and harsh braking. By pinpointing these behaviours, you can give feedback to your team and promote safer driving practices across the fleet.

Geofencing adds another layer of security by creating virtual boundaries around specific areas. You’ll receive an alert if a driver enters or exits these zones so you can quickly identify unauthorised vehicle use and optimise overall efficiency.

Enhance security

Features like remote immobilisation and Driver ID reduce the risk of theft and ensure better control over your fleet operations. Some trackers offer additional functionality, allowing you to set specific modes for ferry travel or garage servicing to prevent false theft alerts. Moreover, discreet installation and the ability to transfer trackers between vehicles add extra convenience.

Reduce maintenance costs

Keep your fleet in tip-top shape with automatic MOT and service schedule reminders. Take a proactive approach to maintenance to minimise vehicle downtime and maximise your fleet’s lifespan.

These alerts ensure that your vehicles are regularly checked and serviced, helping to catch potential issues before they become major problems. By staying on top of maintenance schedules, you can avoid unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs, keeping your fleet on the road and your business moving forward.

Maximise efficiency

Vehicle trackers help you determine the quickest routes so you can serve your customers more efficiently. The transparency and control trackers provide means you can adapt quickly to unexpected changes and provide accurate order updates to your customers. Plus, by assigning vehicle groups according to department or purpose, you can streamline operations further and maximise productivity.

Lower insurance premiums

Thatcham-approved vehicle trackers enhance security and can reduce insurance premiums. With the option to upgrade to annual subscriptions that include full insurance and Thatcham approval, businesses can showcase their dedication to fleet safety and enjoy significant savings. By investing in a tracking solution, companies can protect not only their assets but their bottom line, too.

Cut fuel costs

Fleet tracking systems can reduce fuel use by up to 11% by optimising routes and monitoring driving behaviours like idling and harsh braking. By minimising journey times and encouraging fuel-efficient driving habits, you can cut fuel consumption and carbon emissions, which is great for the environment and your wallet.

Why Safe & Sound?

At Safe & Sound, we offer a range of user-friendly fleet management trackers from leading manufacturers. They start at just 33p per day per vehicle, and business financing is available.

Our vehicle tracking systems give you transparency, security, safety and efficiency on every journey. Invest in your fleet management to unlock greater productivity, improved driver behaviour, faster journey times, reduced risk of theft, and significant cost savings.

Plus, our tracking systems come with a manufacturer warranty and a money-back guarantee for the first few installs. They are suitable for fleets of all sizes, from single vehicles to large fleets, covering cars, vans, HGVs, PCVs, and plant machinery.

Experience the benefits firsthand: save money with increased fuel efficiency, boost your team’s work ethic, and keep your vehicles running smoothly day in and day out.

What are you waiting for? Check out our fleet trackers or call us at 0800 368 8656 to learn more.