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S5 Tracker

7th March 2020

S5 Tracker Questions AnsweredS5 Tracker Questions Answered.

How do they work, what are they, are they insurance approved, Thatcham approved, do I need one, are they compatible with my car, do they have subscriptions? All your questions and answers here. Our below page explains in great detail about S5 Tracker, what they are, how they work, suitable vehicles, why you might need one and their history. 

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Introduction to S5 Tracker

S5 Tracker were introduced in January 2019 when Thatcham restructured their vehicle security categories. This is when Thatcham Category 5 Trackers we’re made obsolete and S5 Trackers were devised to replace them. Category 5 often carried a price tag of £699.00 for the supply and fit of a device and annual subscriptions were £199.00

S5 has seen the affordability reduced with the ScorpionTrack S5 Tracker available from £449.00 (as of March 2020) and subscriptions from just £12.49 per month or £129.00 per year. 

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What is an S5 Tracker? 

S5 Tracker is a tracker which has achieved Thatcham Category S5 criteria. It is then recommended for insurance companies to safe guard against vehicle theft.

To achieve this S5 Tracker must have all of the following: 

  • 24 hour monitoring. 
  • Internal Power Supply (battery back up). 
  • Multiple means of transmitting signal. 
  • Ability to log journey data. 
  • Automatic Driver Recognition (also known as ADR and Driver ID)
  • Incorporate GPS (Global Positioning System). 
  • Operate own health checks 
  • Passively arm. The device will arm automatically after the ignition is turned off. 
  • Include a movement sensor. 
  • Use a roaming SIM card. 
  • Resist a physical attack for a minimum of two minutes. A thief would need to find the S5 Tracker first. 
  • Movement sensor to alert if the vehicle is towed. 

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What Vehicles are S5 Trackers for?

They are suitable for all vehicles including Cars, Vans, Mini Bus, Motorhome, Supercars, HGV, Horse boxes and everything in between. 

Insurance companies often request the installation of an S5 Tracker due as a condition of the policy on high value vehicles, sports, performance and prestige models. It does not always have to be for insurance purposes, many customers choose to install S5 for peace of mind due to their high levels of protection and affordability. 


S5 Tracker Features and differences. 

The earlier Category 5 trackers had the same criteria applied to them with the exception of remote engine immobilisation, a feature which was hardly ever used as it required Police request, the owner had no control over it. This engine immobilisation feature made the device quite expensive as it required additional parts and far more time to install. 

While the new S5 tracker does not have a remote engine immobilisation feature as standard many devices still have the ability to do it. These models are known as S5 Plus. 


S5 Plus Tracker

These have all the features of the standard S5 Tracker but with the addition of the remote engine immobilisation that the Category 5 had. This feature can operate in two different ways on the S5 Tracker depending on the product manufacturer.

There is Police request immobilisation or No Tag No Start Immobilisation. 

At the time of writing this (March 2020) the following manufactures who’s products we sell that can do

Police request immobilisation are: 

  • Smartrack
  • Trackstar 
  • Vodafone 

No Tag No Start

  • Scorpion

Scorpion are the only company who offer the No Tag No Start feature that we sell. This model is called ScorpionTrack S5 Plus. 

No Tag No Start offers protection against cyber vehicle theft. If the signal from your vehicles key is boosted or replicated the S5 Tracker will not allow the engine to start and stops the would be theft. The tag can be kept on the vehicle keys for ease of use or in your pocket, bag or house keys to further maximise security. 

ScorpionTrack S5 Tracker can be viewed here:

View Our Best Selling S5 Tracker

How S5 Tracker work and communicate. 

Power - S5 Tracking devices use the vehicles battery as their primary source of power. Minimal current draw is required and the average vehicle battery could supply power to the unit in excess of 400 days. Should the vehicles battery be disconnected the devices internal battery allows it to maintain operation and an alert is sent to the control room. 

Moving a vehicle installed with a S5 Tracker - This requires the tag to be present and in the vehicle. If not, the unit alerts the control room who then make contact with the owner to clarify the vehicles location. 

Confirmation of theft - In the event of a theft you need to confirm the theft with the tracking company control room and your local Police force. You will obtain a Crime Reference Number from the Police, this needs to be given to the S5 tracker control room allowing them to liaise with the appropriate Police force and guide officers in to the vehicle location. 

Communication - all S5 trackers use multiple sources of communication to transmit their data and the location. These include, RF, GSM, GPS, GPRS, GLONASS, and VHF. 

Optional Immobiliser- as detailed above, if you have the S5 Plus model it will allow the vehicle to be remotely immobilised should the Police request it. Once requested and the ignition is turned off the engine will not then restart. 


All insurance approved and Thatcham approved S5 Trackers require a subscription. This is to pay for the transmission of the data and the monitoring of the vehicle 24 hours a day. Subscription costs are now more affordable than ever with companies such as Smartrack and Scrorpion offering them at just £12.49 per month. 

Below is our range of S5 tracker which are all available for fitting throughout the Yorkshire, Derbyshire and beyond at your home or work and at a suitable time for you. If you have any further S5 Tracker related questions then please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer them. 

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