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Trackstar Cat 5 Fitted

Trackstar Cat 5 fitted Trackstar Cat 5 Fitted - Thatcham & Insurance approved Vehicle Tracking System. The Trackstar Cat 5 fitted is the very best in stolen vehicle tracking systems.

The Trackstar, once fitted relies on its ADR feature (Automatic Driver Recognition). The ADR system requires the driver to carry an authorised card on their person. This ADR card requires no direct involvement from the driver, you simply carry the card and on starting the vehicle the Trackstar Cat 5 Tracker fitted will search for the cards presence, once acknowledged by the device it will disarm. 

So what if I forget my ADR card?

Not to worry - we all forget things from time to time. Once you move away in your vehicle the Trackstar Cat 5 device fitted will
silently alert the monitoring station. You will then receive a phone call from them, once through the security checks they will clarify the safe location of your vehicle with you.

This process is the key to the Trackstar Cat 5 fitted success and makes Key Theft even more difficult for theives. However it doesn't stop there! The Cat 5 tracker fitted with the facility to remotely immobilise the vehicles engine. Should the vehicle be stolen it allows the Police to request its immobilisation leaving the vehicle safe, ready to be returned to you.

The Trackstar Cat 5 fitted operates using GSM & GPS. This allows the vehicle to be tracked wherever it may go, even throughout Europe!! The annual subscription cost of £189 per year or £549 for 3 years includes this European coverage.


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