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TASSA - What is it and what does it mean?

Tassa - What is tassa?

Tracking & Aftermarket Security Systems Association, that’s what it stands for but what is it?

Tassa is a new trade association for the vehicle security industry aiming at supporting innovative vehicle security products gain the recognition they deserve.

In 2016 the well known “ Thatcham” announced that as of 31st December 2018 it would no longer accredit aftermarket vehicle security, including alarms, immobilisers and tracking systems. From January 1st 2019 vehicle tracking categories 5,6 and 7 were replaced with category S7 and S5. The newer categories had far more relaxed rules and therefore the new S7 and S5 are less secure. More on these categories can be found here.

With an open minded, fresh and factual based approach Tassa understand modern vehicle theft methods and take this into account when approving products for use to guard against vehicle theft and their recovery in the event of.

Insurers are able to access the Tassa approved database and recommend products for their clients vehicles to combat the most sophisticated vehicle theft methods allowing for the potential of a long term cost effective insurance solution.

Products on the Tassa database are backed up with factual evidence of their effectiveness taken from official research figures supplied by Retaina Group, who’s vehicle theft records date back some years and have evolved from working closely with the UK’s police forces.



What does Tassa mean to us?

Tassa is already supported by 15 vehicle security manufacturers and we hope to see this grow.

By agreeing to become an approved installer we agree to high standards of installation and offering effective vehicle security products that work. Installations of these products are recorded on an electronic database with photographic installation evidence recorded also. This shows the competence of ourselves, the lengths gone to on installation and the integrity of the vehicles safety is maintained. Furthermore we are demonstrating our commitment to drive down vehicle crime.

With the decline of Thatcham categories and their effectiveness we are supporting Tassa in their goal of policing the vehicle security industry and improving its effectiveness in a time where vehicle crime is on the rise, year after year.


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