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Parking Assistance from Safe & Sound

Improve your parallel parking confidence by installing parking assistance from Safe & Sound with one of our fantastic reversing cameras or a set of front and/or rear parking sensors!

Enjoy a less stressful experience when trying to fit into those tight spaces in multi-story car parks, back out of your driveway with confidence and know how far your are from what’s behind and in front of you at all times. If you’re only concerned about reversing, then choose a set of our specialised reversing sensors, which will sound a series of beeps to indicate your distance from what you’re reversing up to. If you’re only worried about what’s in front of you then choose our front parking sensors but if you want to be sure on both ends, then why not choose both for the ultimate parking sensor solution.        

These sensors can be installed in a range of vehicles and each set is installed professionally, giving you peace of mind that the sensors will work inline with your car, engaging the moment the relevant gear is selected. Best of all, each parking sensor can be colour coded to match your cars existing colour, so they won’t look out of place.

If you would prefer visual assistance, why not go for a state-of-the-art reversing camera. These are ideal not only for parking but also for reversing in any situation, as we can never fully see what’s directly behind our vehicle, as there is always a blind spot when it comes to using the mirrors. They make backing out of driveways a dream, as you will be able to see precisely what’s behind you but make sure that you still use your mirrors and check over your shoulders just in case.

We can conveniently connect the camera to your in-dash display, which will show the visual once you have engaged reverse gear. This means that you won’t need any additional screens or switches fitted and the camera will slot into the factory location, so you won’t even know it’s there. If your vehicle doesn’t have an in-dash display don’t worry, as we’ll still be able to offer you a convenient solution thanks to our compact dash mounted LCD screens and also our mirror monitors.

To find out more about our parking assistance options, check out our reversing cameras page and also our reversing sensors page. If you would like to discuss your requirements in more depth, please feel free to contact us direct on 0113 397 9597.

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