Meta Easycan Premium CAN BUS Alarm

Meta Easycan alarm Meta Telematics Alarm Siren
TMeta Easycan alarm TMeta Telematics Alarm Siren

Meta Easycan Premium CAN BUS Alarm

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CAN BUS alarm system that interfaces to the vehicle using the existing remotes on CAN controlled vehicles.

✓ Suitable for Vans and Campervans.
✓ Thatcham & Insurance Approved.
✓ Ultrasonic Protection of Cabin area.
✓ Cabin door protection.
✓ Rear Door Protection.
✓ Additional Sensors Available for load area of vans.
✓ Full Telematics Tracking Upgrade Available.
✓ Can operate vehicles locking.
✓ Night / Pet Mode.

Price includes fitting at your location*

 /  Telematics SirenNo Thanks  /  Direct Pinning of Doors x 2No Thanks  /  Shock SensorNo Thanks  /  Load Area Microwave Sensor No Thanks  /  Load Area PIR Sensor & ReceiverNo Thanks  /  Additional LOUD SirenNo Thanks  /  Horn HonkNo Thanks  /  Immobilisation RequiredNo Thanks

The Meta EasyCan Alarm is suitable for modern CAN based vehicles and offers unrivalled levels of reliability, features and upgrades. Meta EasyCan Alarm is armed and disarmed via the vehicles original remote control and has achieved Thatcham 2-1 upgrade status.  

The Meta CAN Alarm is armed and disarmed via the original remote control of your car or van. Once armed the ultrasonic sensors protect the inside of the vehicle against intrusion via the breaking of a window. The car or van doors are monitored by the alarm also, should one of these be breached the 118db siren will sound to warn of the intrusion.

The Meta Easycan also offers the flexability to add additional security features, these include additional loud sirens for underneath vehicles, or in the cargo areas of vans. Shock sensors for detecting impact, Microwave sensor to detect movemnt in the load are of vehicles.

Sophisticated thieves have found loopholes in the factory installed security on many vehicles. This loophole allows them to enter the vehicle, disarm the factory fit perimeter alarm system, power the ignition and programme in a brand-new key before driving away with your vehicle and its contents. With these security shortfalls in mind the Meta Easycan along with the additional sensors and features can stopmthese thieves dead in their tracks.


Secuirty Features: 

  • Door, Boot, Bonnet and ignition protection.
  • Ultrasonic Interior Protection of the Cabin.
  • Battery Back Up Siren Mounted in the Engine Bay
  • Dashboard mounted LED
  • Indicator Flash Output on Arm/Disarm/Alarm Condition
  • AUX Output for Pager or Text Alert
  • Optional Sensor Input
  • Additional Remote Controls available for vehicles supplied with only one remote control key.   



Further Enhancements


Telematics Siren

Our Meta based Van Alarm offers the ability to upgrade your alarm to full telematics system using the Meta 7.5 Telematics Siren (non Thatcham). This allows vehicle tracking throughout Europe, instant push and text notifications to your mobile phone should the alarm be triggered. There is also on demand location reporting, 90 day journey history and driver behaviour avaialbe via the smartphone app. GPS Jamming detection and Geofence alerts (if vehicle moves from a set area) further enhance the levels security. 

The cost of this including one years subscription is £249.00 Subsequent annual subscription is £64.95 per year or £174.95 for 3 years. 


Load Area Protection for vans.

As standard our van alarm offers protection of all the vehicle doors, should they be opened then the alarm will sound. This is all well and good but if your van is attacked via the "Peel and Steel" method where thieves pry down the tops of the load area doors then the alarm would fail to trigger as the door has not been opened in its conventional manor. To protect against this we offer the following:

  • Direct Pinning of Doors - Sounds the alarm within milimetres of movement and before any damage has occured. 
  • Shock Sensor - Detects impacts on the vehicle body.
  • Microwave Sensor - These fill the rear of the van with mini waves that detect obstacles in its field of view. They are great for detecting people entering into the cargo area via the roof or van sides. 
  • PIR Sensor - These detect large changes in temperature within their field of view and are great at detecting panels being cut open and doors bending. 


Additional Sirens and Horn Honk 

We offer additional LOUD sirens to sound along side the Meta alarm which are known as ear bleeders. These can be mounted under the vehicle if you wish but are generally mounted under the dash and in the load area of a van to cause distress and disorientation to the would be theif. You can add as many of these as you like, the most we have ever installed is five! 

We can also incorporate the vehicles horn for even more attention. 


Optional Immobiliser

Bulk up the security even further with the addition of an immobiliser which will prevent the vehicle from starting when the alarm is armed. 



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Payment - We send your invoice and a secure Pay By Link request for your order at the time of booking. This is due for payment before installation. If you prefer you can pay a smaller deposit amount at the time of booking and the balance on completion. 


Reanult Master
ReviewerMr N Singh / FromLeeds / Date
Just as other reviews have said, it works well, very friendly company and punctual. Cheers
Reanult Master
ReviewerMr N Singh / FromLeeds / Date
Just as other reviews have said, it works well, very friendly company and punctual. Cheers
VW Crafter
ReviewerMr K Rattcher / FromBradford / Date
Brilliant service, alarm works well. Thank you.
Sprinter & Caddy
ReviewerMr D Knight / FromWakefield / Date
I had two of these alarms installed to my work vans after the company were recommended to me. They arrived on our site early on the day arranged. The alarms were fit and the lads went about their business wth minimal disruption to our working day. I have to say I am very impressed and you were a pleasure to do business with. I will be in touch in the near future for your fleet tracking we discussed. Thank you.
Fiat 500
ReviewerMr J Potter / FromBradford / Date
Engineer turned up when you said and carried out the fitting quickly and very clean too. I am impressed with the simplicity and would certainly recommend to others looking for an alarm.
Mercedes Sprinter 2013
ReviewerMr A Nowells / FromLeeds / Date
Hello, I am very pleased with this alarm. It works well through the existing remote central locking and the LED is very bright just as you said it would be. The engineer arrived on time and the work was carried out quickly. Thank you.
Mercedes Sprinter 2012
ReviewerMr L Luknba / FromLeeds / Date
This works very well I am very happy. Fitter was nice man also. Thank you.
First review!!
ReviewerWatson / FromWest Yorkshire / Date
Called the Leeds office today 16th dec 2013 ...twice!!! Very promt answer of the phonel ...great explanation of the product & booked in for next week, great start to a purchase!!! ... of course I was looking elsewhere in Wakefield but only found one place with a weird bloke who just wanted to prise money off me in his showroom!!?? Really wanted this alarm fitting and it certainly doesn't dissapoint me..... One of my customers once explained to me ..."golden rule in any business is.... contact" no contact no business, the rest is obvious - Certainly not the case with Safe & Sound, absolutely fab from start to finish and a very proffesional mobile installation! Much more convenient than going to see that weirdo in Wakefield with the cave for a showroom. Many thanks guys, I'm sure to be back!!
Additional Key Fobs AvailableYes
Additional Siren AvailableYes
Battery Back UpYes
Dash Board Mounted LEDYes
Door, Bonnet, Boot Protection Yes
Suitable for Convertible VehiclesYes - with Microwave
Thatcham / Insurance Certificate ProvidedYes
Thatcham ApprovedYes
Thatcham Category2 to 1
Ultrasonic Sensors IncludedYes
Warranty2 Years
Hazard Light FlashYes
LED ColourRed
Microwave Sensor CompatibleYes
Tilt Sensor CompatibleYes
Paging System CompatibleYes
Number of key fobsN/A
Warn Away ProtectionNo
Auto Re-Arm & Door LockVehicle Dependant
Central Locking ControlYes
Immobiliser CircuitOptional
Key Theft ProtectionYes
Passive ImmobiliserNo
Wireless Door Contacts Included
Wireless PIR Included
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