Ford Transit Van Alarm

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Ford Transit Alarm Door Bent Ford Transit Van alarm fitted
TFord Transit Alarm Door Bent TFord Transit Van alarm fitted

Ford Transit Van Alarm

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A maximum security alarm designed to protect against the loop holes in the Ford Transit van security.
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 /  Alarm TypeSigma S32  /  Internal Loud SirenNone  /  Cargo Area SensorNo  /  Tracking SystemNone

Maximum Security Ford Transit Van Alarm

It is well known and highly publicised by many Police forces that the Ford Transit van is currently highly targeted by thieves recently. It is almost a daily occurrence to see or hear of a theft on our social media news feeds. 

Sophisticated thieves found a loophole in the Ford Transit van security some months ago. This loophole allows them to enter the vehicle, disarm the factory fit perimeter alarm system, power the ignition and programme in a brand-new key before driving away with your vehicle and its contents.

With the above security shortfalls in mind Safe & Sound Vehicle Systems have designed a Ford Transit van alarm for maximum protection and irons out the flaws in these weak spots.

Our system includes:

  • Sigma S32 Insurance Approved Alarm System or Cobra 4615 ADR - These systems are armed and disarmed by the vehicles remote ONLY and will not disarm from unlocking the vehicle from the drivers door barrel as per the factory fit item. 
  • Immobiliser Circuit - prevents power been applied to vehicle circuits.
  • OBD Port Protection - this prevents the connection of thieves computers and prevents progamming of new keys.
  • Internal LOUD Siren - Cargo area, cabin mounted or both. Designed to deafen and disorientate intruders while also increasing the volume of the Sigma or Cobra alarm.
  • Cargo Sensor - Mounted in the cargo area this sensor protects the area against thieves peeling back the doors or coming through the panel work of the van. Once inside the internal siren will make it very difficult to hang about! 
  • Smartrack Protecter Pro Global GPS Tracking System - Allows pin point location of the vehicle 24/7 and on demand location reports via a FREE smartphone app. Should the vehicle be towed away it will silently alert the control room and can still be located by the Police (subscriptions are required for the tracking system - £12.49 PCM).

For more details on this system and to discuss the fitting on your particular vehicle please contact us where we can run through the options and answer your questions. We are not willing to disclose all the information on how these systems work to allow us to stay one step ahead of the theives. 

Wouldn't be without them now!
ReviewerMr B Benson / FromFarsley, Leeds / Date
I originally only had this product on my Mercedes Sprinter but after one of my Transits were also stolen I have now installed this with the trackers. I wouldn't be without it now. It has never failed and works flawlessly. Highly recommended!!
Additional Key Fobs Available
Additional Siren Available
Auto Re-Arm & Door Lock
Battery Back Up
Central Locking Control
Dash Board Mounted LED
Door, Bonnet, Boot Protection
Hazard Light Flash
Immobiliser Circuit
Key Theft Protection
LED Colour
Microwave Sensor Compatible
Number of key fobs
Paging System Compatible
Passive Immobiliser
Thatcham / Insurance Certificate Provided
Thatcham Approved
Thatcham Category
Tilt Sensor Compatible
Ultrasonic Sensors Included
Warn Away Protection
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