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Ford Transit OBD Lock Ford Transit OBD Lock
TFord Transit OBD Lock TFord Transit OBD Lock

Ford Transit OBD Lock

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OBD Lock protection for this very popular work horse which is unfortunately popular with theives too.
Available for 2006 - 2013 Models
Perfect for DIY fitment.
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Ford Transit OBD Lock protection system for this very popular work horse. Unfortunately thieves have found a way round the Ford Transit security system and as such many vehicles are stolen every week. Not only leaving you with no tools or equipment but worse than that, no vehicle! Should your Ford Transit be stolen without an OBD Lock fitted and without a vehicle tracker the chances of recovering your vhicle are very slim. 

By fitting one of these OBD Locks the thieves will not be able to gain entry to your Ford Transit vans OBD port. The OBD Lock completely encompasses the OBD Port and therfore prevents theives connecting their Ford Transit Key Cloning computers and programming a new key. These OBD Locks prove highly effective in the fight against key cloning theft.

We offer Ford Transit Van OBD Locks for Transit Vans from 2006 onwards.

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