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Bootloader Anti-tune ECU Remapping

Bootloader Anti-tune ECU Remapping

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The Bootloader technique is used to remap vehicles where the ECU can not be programmed via the OBD port method. Please contact us to clarify the correct method for your vehicle.
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Some stock ECU's can not be remaped via the OBD port and instead require the ECU to be removed and programmed outside of the vehicle. Since the introduction of the Bosch EDC17 & MED17 Tricore ECU’s the remapping process had to take a different root. Once the ECU has been removed from the vehicle we use our specialist equipment to connect directly to the tricore processor inside the ECU. Once connected we are able to read and write software from and to the ECU. This really is the only safe way to of remapping this type of ECU. 

When these ECU’s were first used before 2009 they never had any protection or "anti-tune software" installed so remapping via the OBD port was always possible without risk. At the turn of 2009 manufacturers started to use this same ECU but with revised software which prevented the remapping via the OBD port and meant we had to connect directly to the board. It is not unusual for some of the earlier ECU’s to have had the later software installed when serviced at the main dealer. We can help determine this at the time of booking your Bootloader Anti-tune ECU Remap

We offer our mobile Bootloader Anti-tune ECU Remapping service throughout West Yorkshire to towns and cities including: Leeds, Wakefield, Bradford, Halifax, Huddersfield, Harrogate, Wetherby and Otley.

Please use the vehicle look up tool on our dedicated Remapping website to see what our remaps can offer for your chosen vehicle. 


BMW 1 Series F20 2014 ECU Remapping
ReviewerMr S Roberts / FromBarnsley / Date
Completely blown away!! The car has literally come alive, both me and my wife wish we had have done it sooner. My advice is just do it!! Well worth the £400.00
BMW 116d 2013 Model
ReviewerMrs K Matthews / FromHuddersfield / Date

Took The Plunge and Glad I did!! I thought the factory setup of the car was fine until I started doing quite a bit of motorway driving when I realised the car lacked any real grunt. A friend mentioned having it remapped but I wasn't sure. I spoke to Safe & Sound who explained the car was "highly tunable" and claimed some modest gains of around 25bhp. After having it done it's like a completely new engine has been put in. The 25bhp was blown out of the water with more like 50bhp been gained due to the inefficiency of the factory ecu. I'm completely impressed and can not recommend it enough!!

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