DVS - Direct Vision Standard, What is it? 

DVS Installed LeedsDVS - Direct Vision Standard is a requirement applicable for all vehicles over 12 tonnes wishing to travel into Greater London as of 1st March 2021.

Introduced by Transport for London (TfL) in a bid to drastically reduce injuries to vulnerable road users and pedestrians. DVS incorporates the use of various sensors, alarms and cameras to vehicles, improving a drivers all round view, paying particular attention to the known blind spots. 

Your vehicle has a factory DVS rating. This rating is based on a five star system from one (poor) to 5 (excellent). On succesful installation of a DVS system the vehicle can then be submitted for a HGV Safety Permit and rated on the scale of one to five. 

You can find your vehicles star rating on the TFL website here

Vehicles are allowed access to Greater London on a limited timescalse based on their current rating

  • Zero star-rated with an approved Safe System will be granted a permit until 2024
  • One and two star-rated vehicles will be granted permits until 2024
  • Three, four and five-star-rated vehicles will be granted a 10-year permit

In 2024 the minimum Safety permit requirement increases to a three-star rating. In the meantime cuurent fines for non-compliance are upto £550 per day! 

DVS installation is quickly growing with hugely positive effects and feedback via TfL and users alike. Due to this sucess the DVS Safety Programme is thought to be soon expanded through the mainland UK with Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds thought to be high on the list for compliance. 


What forms a DVS system?

With a DVS Installed our systems uses several components to form the entire Safety System. 

DVS Cameras

Just as the name suggest, this is the installation of wide angle IP rated camera, mounted on the front near side corner of the vehicle. The installation of the DVS camera in this location allows the driver to spot vulnerable road users down the length of the vehicle who may normally be obscured in the vehicles natural blind spot. Images from the DVS camera are relayed to the driver via the in vehicle monitor mounted on the near side but crucially they are also recorded and stored to the in-vehicle mounted DVR. The system can be expanded with as many as 12 cameras installed to give 360 vision, recording and even Live View for remote viewing and play back from any web enable device.


Side Scan

Side Scan is a cruicial part of any DVS installation. It comprises of a series of small sensor heads mounted down the side of the vehicle. These sensor heads detect obstacles and road users in the vehicles path. An audible alert is generated in the drivers cabin on detection. 


Left Turn Alarm

A Left Turn Alarm activates on the engagement of the left indicator. It emits a loud 85db warning the vehicles intention to turn left. 


Visual Warning Signs

Simple, yet effective Warning Signs as oppose to Instructional Signs are displayed on the rear of the vehicle. 

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