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Range Rover Tracker Fitted in Wakefield

Range Rover Tracker Fitted in WakefieldRange Rover Tracker Fitted in Wakefield

This was another installation of the Range Rover approved tracking system the Trackstar TM470. The fitting of the Range Rover Tracker was carried out at the customers work address in Wakefield. 

The customer had been granted a 14 day grace period by his insurer to have the Trackstar TM470 GPS based tracker installed. We usually find most insurers give customers this small period of time to have the installation done before removing cover for theft from the policy. Because if this we always aim to provide a fast and reliable service for all our tracking systems regardless of the town or vehicle. 

We do not only offer Range Rover Approved Trackers but trackers for all makes of cars and where possible we always carry out installation to adhere to the vehicle manufacturers warranty, just as we did with this Range Rover Tracker in Wakefield.

Often it is the value of a Range Rover which determines what tracker is required by the insurance company. For the Range Rover and Land Rover vehicles we always aim to use the Trackstar product, wether it be category 5 or category 6. You are of course welcome to choose a different brand but as Trackstar is Range Rover and Land Rover approved it is our preferred tracker of choice.

This Range Rover tracker fitted in Wakefield was the Category 6 product, due to the value falling below the £70,000 threshold a category 6 tracker was suffice for this customers insurer. We offer both tracking systems for fitting throughout Yorkshire not just Wakefield. These towns include Leeds, Bradford Harrogate, Sheffield, Hull, York and many other areas. 

Please feel free to contact us for product information or details on other areas covered by our mobile fitting service.

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